Pi Day!!!!

Pi day! Today is Pi day! It’s SO EXCITING!!! I get to eat pie in math class. Basically, on March 14th, every year, you get to bring circular food into math class and eat it. I never thought math class could be so fun! And for me, math is right before the block when I get to eat lunch. And I’m always so hungry in the block before lunch. YAY PI DAY!!!

The Time I Almost Died

When I was in 4th grade, I lost my first tooth. The sad thing is it was pulled. My dentist has this thing where he does this magic trick and pretends to pull your tooth out of his ear. When I was 9, this was cool, but when I had to get teeth pulled a few weeks ago, I was not amused. The time I got my teeth pulled a few weeks ago was agony It was pure torture. I had already gotten teeth pulled on the other side, and there was this metal this that he put in my mouth. It was right on where my swollen gums from when he pulled out my other teeth. The numbing gel tastes HORRIBLE!!! He didn’t put numbing gel on the side that I wasn’t getting teeth pulled, so when he checked to see if it hurted, it did. Then he put more numbing gel on, but he put it on the wrong side. So when he checked again, it still hurted. But I didn’t want to keep on having to use that numbing gel, so I just suffered while he jabbed my un-numbing-gelled teeth with what felt like a rusty chainsaw.

Locker Rooms

This blog post was inspired by: http://erms4swina16.edublogs.org/2017/03/03/how-crowded-lockers-are/


The locker room is SO CROWDED! Like, I got lucky (I have an end locker), but the it’s still crazy in there. And the lockers are SO SMALL!!! Why couldn’t they be bigger. I can think of SO many ways to make the lockers bigger! Including;


  • Underground! Like Your locker could have a ladder in it, and you could store your stuff underground! Wouldn’t that be so cool?
  • No gym! I don’t know about you, but I HATE gym. If we didn’t have that class, we wouldn’t need the gym to be there. That frees up SO much space for bigger lockers.
  • Bigger school! If you expanded the school just a little bit, you could fit a bunch more lockers and Then we’d have more space because there’d be less people in your area.
  • Smaller classrooms! If we just made the classrooms smaller by a little bit, we could fit more lockers, and there’d be less people in your area.


See! That’s like four suggestions! Four ways to make the locker room less crazy!


You know what I hate? People that judge my handwriting. If you’ve seen it, you know how horrible it is. Although my handwriting is HORRIBLE, people always seem to know what I wrote. Studies show that bad handwriting is a sign of intelligence. My brain is faster than my hand. But instead of getting rewarded for my intelligence, I get yelled at for my handwriting. Why is handwriting so important?


Smoky the Cat

So when I was like 4 or 5, my grandparents had this cat. The cat’s name was Smoky. I liked Smoky, but one time, I was playing with their cat. The cat was under this cabinet, and I was lying on the ground, playing and petting Smoky. I guess I thought Smoky was purring, not growling. You see, I was like 4. How was I supposed to know that? So I was kind of taunting Smoky, by pushing this mouse toy thing in her face, and just before he could grab it, I would pull it away and laugh. So, I had just shoved a fake mouse in Smoky’s face, and Smoky did something hilarious, and I burst out laughing. I was 4. I thought everything was hilarious. So when I did it again, Smoky bit me. It hurt SO BAD!!! There was a mark on my hand for like, WEEKS!!!

Dumb Abbreviations

Ok, so most of science and math makes sense. Like, 2 + 2 = 4 for a reason. It rains for a reason. But why is the abbreviation for ounces “oz”? Why can’t it be like “ou” or “oe” or like “oc”? I get the o, but where does the z come from? Like, there isn’t a z in ounces, so why is it the abbreviation? And don’t even get me started on pounds. Lb? Really? Lb? There isn’t a l or a b in pound. That one doesn’t make sense at all.

Why My English Teacher Is DA BEST

You know what I hate? Students bragging about their English teachers. Like, obviously mine is the best. I mean, I know all of the English teachers are great, but mine is the best. I was talking about English teachers with my friend. Here is how our conversation went:


Me: My English teacher is the best!

Her: No, mine is!

Me: Then tell me, what makes your English teacher so great? How much homework do you have on a daily basis?

Her: Well, we have readers choice boards, and we have essays.

Me: We have reading. Do you read everyday?

Her: Sometimes.

Me: Do you write daily?

Her: No…

Me: Then, tell me, what makes your English teacher so great?


As you can see, my English teacher is obviously the best.

Gym Class

Two words. Gym. Class. Otherwise known as the WORST CLASS EVER!!! First you have to change into your gym clothes. Not that bad, but still! Then you walk around the gym and talk with your friends. (This is to trick you into thinking gym class will be okay. It never is.) Then you have to get into your squads and do a warm-up. Warm-ups are usually okay, but not in gym class. You run across the gym like 30 times, each time doing a different exercise. Exercises include crab walk, bear crawl, sprinting, army crawl, and so on. The next part is the worst part. Cardio. Inside cardio is usually running lines. Running lines are when you run from one side of the gym (sometimes you do exercises), then run back like 45 times! As horrible as inside cardio sounds, outside cardio is a million times worse. Sometimes you do laps around the track, sometimes you do run the walk laps, sometimes you run the straights and walk the curves, and sometimes you do partner runs. Then comes the actual gym part. Gym would be so much more productive if you skipped warmup and cardio. You barely get any time to do the actual thing they’re teaching that day. Then at the end, they either make you play until 30 seconds before the bell rings, then you have 30 seconds to change into your non-gym clothes. Or they finish early and they have you talk for ten minutes, then you have 30 seconds to change. So, basically I hate gym.


What’s your opinion?

Unicorns vs Narwhals

Unicorns vs narwhals? I know whitetiger2005 likes unicorns and pandanarwhallover likes narwhals. But what do I like? Some say narwhals are just sea unicorns, but some say that unicorns are just land narwhals. Narwhals are real, but unicorns aren’t. Narwhals have a song, but unicorns are in My Little Pony.


Which do you like better? Leave your opinions in the comments!